Other Areas where we can help


Are you a victim of police misconduct? Including wrongful arrests, excessive force in the form of police brutality or unjustified police shootings. Our firm has given a voice to citizens of Southern New England subjected to these and other civil rights violations, by seeking money damages against these police officers and their police departments but also holding them publicly accountable in an effort to stop these violations.

Employment discrimination

Both Federal and State laws prohibit employers from discriminating against their employees on a number of basis including, sex/gender, age, race, color, national origin, disability, pregnancy, care giving responsibilities, sexual orientation, and political affiliation. If you have been a victim of employment discrimination, there is no need for you to suffer in silence, Get FB Now.  We have represented clients from diverse backgrounds and are committed to zealously fight for their rights.

family law

If your family is in crisis or in need of legal help, call us. Fontaine Bell & Associates provides strong yet compassionate representation in all areas of family law. We promise to aggressively advocate for your interests in a contested divorce, marital property division dispute or any other contentious family law matters. However, we also understand the importance of negotiating an amicable resolution and managing personalities in order to resolve your situation in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.